What Adult Industry Profession Makes The Most Money?

The adult industry is worth an eye-watering $100B globally. Although it’s always been popular, we can probably thank the likes of the internet for its vast and continuous growth over the past couple of decades.

Escorting, webcamming, content creation, and porn are popular career choices, but which one makes the most money on average and has the most potential? If you’re thinking about joining the industry as an adult entertainer or want to progress in your career, this article is a must-read. We look at how much each profession makes on average and which one has the most potential.

There are more escorts than webcam models, pornstars, or content creators globally. However, much of this is due to poverty in certain countries and restrictions on adult sites. As tube sites sit among the world’s most visited websites, it’s safe to say that good old regular porn is still high in demand and dominates any other online industry profession. This tells us that there is still plenty of need for pornstars.

Webcam modeling has grown massively in the past ten years especially, with more sites launching and more people wanting easy money and freedom of work. Webcamming is faster and easier to get started on than pornography and holds less risk than escorting. So customer demand aside, it’s undoubtedly a more popular choice for many individuals.

Subscription sites, including sites that sell amateur porn have become massive in recent years, especially since the launch of OnlyFans. The industry has grown faster than any other, as everyone uses it, escorts, webcam models, and pornstars. Subscription sites may dominate all other industry careers, especially if it continues to grow at such a rate.

How Much Does Each Career Pay On Average?

We look at the average earnings in the USA, rather than on a global scale as it varies massively.


Average Earnings: The average escort in the USA earns $2,391.66 per month.

Potential Earnings: Nevada working escort, Alice Little, shows the true earning potential for escorts. She is believed to earn more than $1M per year, over $80,000 per month.

Difficulty: EASY

Risks: HIGH


Average Earnings: The average webcam model earns between $3,600 – $6,000 per month.

Potential Earnings: It’s common to hear webcam models receiving tips in the thousands and earning ten to six figures each month, especially on the most well-known cam sites. Only a handful of cam girls make $1M upwards each year.

Difficulty: EASY

Risks: LOW

Content Creators

Average Earnings: The average content creator earns just $180 per month.

Potential Earnings: Allowing creators to monetize their traffic at low fees has created more millionaires than other industry professions. Although the average creator earns very little, many creators earn seven to eight figures monthly!

Difficulty: MEDIUM

Risks: LOW


Average Earnings: Although porn is prevalent, it’s a tough industry to crack. You may be surprised to hear that the average pornstar earns less than $100 per month, which makes sense, considering famous Mia Khalifa claimed to earn just $9,000 throughout her entire career.

Potential Earnings: Pornstars have the potential to become very rich; Riley Reid has an estimated net worth of $12M. However, much of this comes from sponsors and other sources once an actress becomes well established.

Difficulty: HARD


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