6 Ways to Reinforce Your D/S Relationship Using Sex Toys

A single way to do a D/S relationship successfully is completely non-existent. What works for one couple isn’t necessarily the right choice for someone else. One thing is certain, however, sex toys can add a lot of excitement and spice to the power dynamics.

While D/S partnerships are intrinsically spicy and so very arousing, they can become a bit repetitive with the passage of time. Is this happening to you? If so, the time may be just right to test out a few great sex toys and bring the excitement back. Sex toys can also help you explore new aspects of your power dynamics that you were previously unaware of or hesitant about.

Long-Distance Control
A D/S relationship works so well when the two of you are physically together but what happens when you go to work? When you have to spend time away from each other because of professional or personal responsibilities?

Interactive sex toys let you maintain and ascertain dominance even when you’re physically separated from a submissive partner.

High-quality interactive toys feature dedicated mobile app. As long as you have internet access, you’ll get to control the pleasure item a submissive is using.

The range of interactive sex toys is so incredibly diverse. You’ll discover vibes, clitoral stimulators, panty vibrators, anal toys and G-spot/P-spot stimulators to name a few. Via a mobile app, you can turn these toys on, adjust the intensity or come up with your own customized vibration patterns and rhythms.

In some instances, sex toys can be synced with each other, allowing two people to experience pleasure simultaneously. Some apps allow for video chats, messaging, picture sending and a lot more to create an even deeper sense of being connected.

Orgasm Denial
What’s more powerful than having control over your partner’s most basic bodily functions?

A chastity device (options for both men and women exist) is the perfect tool for pleasure and orgasm denial.

As a dominant partner, you put the cage on your partner, you lock it and you keep the key on you. When the cage is on, a person will be incapable of pleasuring themselves or orgasming. For guys, penis cages also lead to difficult or painful erections.

Orgasm denial tools teach obedience and intensify the bond that holds the D/S relationship together. Obviously, you’ll need incredible communication to make these tools work and to get the power dynamics equally satisfying for both.

Easy and Discreet Public Play
You’ve probably gotten naughty in public before but have you practiced BDSM in plain sight during the day time?

That’s something you can do with sex toys.

Wearable vibes and remote-controlled butt plugs are ideal for the purpose.

These toys work with a wireless control or a dedicated mobile app that a dominant partner will use to make things heated.

Such toys can be used during a romantic lunch, a romantic cinema date or even a dinner with the family. There’s nothing hotter than knowing your partner is trying to keep it together while a vibe’s working silently to get them orgasming in the middle of having a conversation with an auntie over Thanksgiving dinner.

Stretch Those Pleasure Limits
Since you are into kinky play, chances are you already own some dildos and use those on the regular.
The next step will be getting into niche stuff and trying items not suited for the needs of newbies.

With patience and good communication, such sex toys can contribute to much more intimate dynamics, a deeper sense of trust and a lot more pleasure.

A high quality set of massive, black realistic dildos can help you get your sub to the type of squirting orgasm they’ve never had before. The same applies to inflatable anal toys and double penetration strap-ons.

The examples mentioned above are just a few of the available fetish choices. Looking for new additions to your sex toy collection together will be super fun and the activity will build anticipation before you’ve even gotten a chance to test a new product.

The Immense Potential of Role Play
D/S dynamics are probably easiest to enforce when you adopt a role play scenario.

There are so many situations that come with intrinsic power play rules. These include the relationship between a teacher and a student or a doctor and a patient.

Sex shops have an extensive range of costumes and accessories meant to recreate the perfect fantasy. You can easily opt for some of the more popular choices or explore a niche fantasy – such costumes do exist but you’ll simply have to do a little more research.

sex toys

Get Your Partner Restrained
Using DIY contraptions to restrain a submissive partner will only do so much for your power dynamics. If you’re serious about tying each other and bondage, you’ll probably need a professional kit for the purpose.

The bondage market gives you ton of amazing choices. You can opt for under-the-bed or over-the-bed systems. Sex furniture with built-in cuffs can also be incredibly sexy. Anyone who is keen on practicing shibari can easily acquire Japanese silk rope to try different knots and perfect that technique.

You can achieve an incredible amount of things by investing in a few strategically-chosen sex toys.

When shopping, think about the specifics of your power play scenario. How much control has a submissive partner given you? Are there new experiences they’d like to test out with you? If you haven’t had this conversation yet, the time has come to sit down and explore new possibilities together.

Start out with a few core purchases, especially if you have no idea what the two of you are going to enjoy. Once you discover the direction that you’d like to explore in terms of power dynamics, you can easily expand your collection by getting more specialized, more intense or more expensive toys.

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