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India Escort

Historically India is counted as the birth place of escort services. In ancient times, there were special companionship woman available for accompanying of quests of the aristocrats. These escort ladies offered dance shows and also sexual services for the male quests.

This tradition on escort services is still alive in modern India. The escort agencies are managed in a more traditional way as in the western civilizations. Traditions like special clothing of the concubines and dances are held alive with honor.

Indian escorts are considered to posses the  best sex techniques in the world. These ladies provide the sexual knowledge of Kamasutra. That means the prostitutes can take around a 300 different sex positions, they have highly developed mental skills to fulfill the desires of their client and can take him to a world of feelings never felt before.

So when you are looking for a spiritual sex experience you should consider India as one of the best sex destinations out there. Escortlist.VIP website has the perfect base of Indian escorts, agencies that are really professional and also independent New Delhi call girls, which is a little bit more rare in this country.

You should be aware, that in India the girls are dominated by the male population, women have there much less rights than in other countries. They are more concentrating to classical professions, and also escorts are one of these. This is also good, as the quality of the services is amazingly on different levels trough that.

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