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Russia as the biggest Slavic country and the biggest country by territory in the world has huge variety of looks for their females. That’s because they have  one of the best local choice of escort girls. There are Asian looking girls from the far east and south-east provinces and classic Slavic model body women from the European part of Russia. also noticeable is, that Russia does not have much immigrants like the western and northern Europe countries, so all the adult entertainment niche is ran by local escorts.

The prostitutes from Russia have the classical temperament of Slavic women, they can be very vanilla and the next moment they can go very rough. So an sexual encounter with an Russian escort will be for sure a great experience for you, especially when you are not familiar with the Russian culture.

As the Russian escorts dominate the business globally because of their superior looks compared to other nationalities, then the local business in the Russian Federation is much more diverse. The Russian women will behave at home much more freely and daring, then they to in the western countries. So the escort date and everything what will happen later in the bedroom will be a real Russian roulette, an experience to remember for life.

Moscow escorts are quite affordable at home, so the dates are most likely 50% more economic than you would be expecting in other locations. But the quality is nicely high and competition stubborn. For around 100 USD you can have astonishing escort sex in Russian big cities. For sure you would be in a better position for price negotiations, when you can speak the Russian language, but this is pretty much everywhere the case. The tip is to not search for cheap escorts and not go to expensive, as more expensive is mostly not better than the average priced girls. Check our listings and give escort dating a try in your next trip to Russia.

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