Planning Your Trip to the Netherlands

The country known as the Netherlands in English is more commonly called Nederland by its inhabitants. This small European country enjoys mild weather, a progressive social code and some of the most beautiful architecture found on the continent. The capital city of Amsterdam is also home to many women working as an Amsterdam escort. Exploring Nederland will give you a chance to dig into the history of the region while enjoying your favorite modern conveniences and services. Staying in Amsterdam also ensures you have access to any escort service of your choice.

Exploring Amsterdam

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The capital city was first founded in the 12th century as a fishing village. The many canals that spread throughout the city developed during the damming of the river Amstel, from which the city takes its name. Although it started with humble beginnings, Amsterdam is a modern city. The modernization that has made work legal for an Amsterdam escort or allowed visitors to smoke marijuana has not come at the cost of the historical buildings. The government of Nederland has worked hard to protect sites like the churches scattered around the city that settlers first built in the 13th century. These churches, including the Oude Kerk, are worth seeing no matter what religion you follow.

Amsterdam is split up into a number of different districts. Most of them take their names from the cardinal direction that they follow. The Centre District naturally lies at the center of the capital of Nederland. Other districts include the Noord, or north area, and the Zuidoost, or south west area. Despite what some travel books say, there are multiple Red-Light Districts within the city. Each Amsterdam escort service may be located in any of the districts. De Wallen is the largest of these areas and sits in the Centre District. As part of the heart of the city, any escort in Amsterdam working in this district has an office in one of the many old and unique leaning buildings. Check which part of the city a particular escort from Amsterdam is working in when you make arrangements to meet with them.

Dining Out

The progressive and accepting attitude of the government in Nederland has caused many people to immigrate from around the world. New residents have brought their cultural practices with them, including their cuisine and cooking styles. This has created a flourishing restaurant scene where a visitor can enjoy their favorite foods or discover new dishes. Plan a romantic date to an upscale restaurant with an Amsterdam escort, or sample the many open-air cafes scattered among the canals. Even guests with dietary restrictions can find vegan or vegetarian restaurants to cater to their needs.

Many restaurants focus on offering the classic dishes of Nederland cuisine. Traditional Dutch pea soup, also known as Erwtensoep, is served as an opening dish in famous spots like Moeder’s Pot Eethuisje. Enjoy a smoked fish platter with friends or the Jachtschotel for a hearty and filling meal. Wild game like boar, venison and hare are also common meats used in Dutch main dishes. Adventurous diners will find at least one traditional dish that they really enjoy.

If you are looking for a cafe perfect for a first meeting with an Amsterdam escort, consider one of the many coffee shops. Although these locations do serve coffee and other hot drinks, most of them also have a second menu for special baked goods. These cookies and cakes contain marijuana. Even if you do not purchase any unusual items, the friendly and open atmosphere at these coffee shops is the perfect environment for a first meeting. An escort service can advise you on the cafe or bar nearest the Amsterdam escort you have chosen to meet.

The Dutch are also famous for their pancakes, so restaurants like the Pancake Bakery are a perfect stop. This restaurant has a selection of over 79 varieties of savory and sweet pancakes. For fans of international cuisine, the Japanese Pancake World is also a part of Nederland and offers dozens of options for okonomiyaki. Mexican, Turkish, Vietnamese and Laotian foods are also easy to find. Even Middle Eastern cuisine is represented by restaurants like Bazar Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Nightlife

When hiring an escort service, spending time together at a bar or dance club is a terrific way to increase the romance of your encounter. Most of the girls working as Amsterdam escorts are happy to accompany you on a date. You can enjoy your time out together fully because you know what awaits you when you return to your hotel room. Many cafes that are hot spots for nightlife follow a theme. For example, the popular Cafe Cuba mimics the decorations and atmosphere of the island country in the 1950s. Although you are still in the capital city of Nederland, the faded posters and palm trees will remind you of Cuba.

For a more relaxed evening, visit one of the many brown cafes. These bars are the Nederland equivalent of pubs or friendly neighborhood bars. They usually stay open the latest and are full of both locals and visitors. Jazz fans can spend the evening at Bimhuis, the city’s oldest and most influential establishment for blues and jazz. Open jam sessions take place throughout the summer season. Chocolate is another excellent lounge for a night on the town, featuring a large open-air terrace that overlooks Amsterdam.

The Heart of Europe

Amsterdam is the transportation hub of Nederland, making it easy to reach any other European country you would like to visit. Train lines and rental cars give you access to the rest of the continental Europe, and boats leaving from the ports allow you to reach Great Britain and other island countries. You can also find any cultural or social attraction you might want within Amsterdam or the rest of the country. No matter if you are coming to spend time with beautiful women or admire the artwork of Rembrandt, Nederland has something to offer for everyone that enters its borders.

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